“Both my children attend this nursery and they enjoy the days they spend there. My little girl has a food intolerance and the nursery cater for her very well and considerately. The staff are lovely and very good with the children.” Nicola – Mother of child

“I am very happy with the care the staff are providing to my two-year-old son, I had no problems whatsoever. My son is happy every time he attends and is making amazing progress. The whole team are very professional and caring. I would highly recommend this nursery to parents who are looking for a great, happy and professional nursery.” Bronia M (Mother of Child)

“Wouldn’t take my child anywhere else. This nursery has helped him so much and all of the staff are amazing for both my son and myself.” Demi L (Mother of Child)

“Brilliant nursery that caters for my child very well. Very convenient and very professional. Very flexible and always meeting my needs. ” Paul W (Father of Child)

“My daughter settled in very well as I was worried about the care in a nursery that had just opened. The staff are caring, yet professional, well trained and genuinely love being around children. I need not have worried. for three mornings a week, my nearly two-year-old has fresh snacks, breakfast if needed and a cooked lunch. She gets to mix with children of other ages, play in many different ways with special sections in the play room. sensory room, outdoor play area with bikes, garden, climbing. There is a lot of activities by carers from singing to crafts. Although located near to a factory, noise a traffic are not a problem. ” Alison H (Mother of Child)

“The lovely team of staff are what make Monkey Puzzle a great place for us as a family. Our little boy loves going to nursery and the staff always listen to us and give us a detailed and honest overview of his day. The food is great and he also always has a good nap so is in a good mood when we collect him!” Zoe K (Mother of Child)

“My little boy loves it here. The staff are all really attentive and caring towards all the children. Everyone seems to have so much enthusiasm and make the effort to find out what the kids enjoy. He’s coming home having learnt new words and skills too. I like that nappies and food are included as I don’t need to worry.” Lucy (Mother of Child)

“I am very happy with my choice of nursery it’s such a clean, spacious and stimulating place for my child development. My youngest son will join my daughter in nursery soon and I don’t think I could find a better quality nursery. I love no shoes policy, lack of dirty carpets and computers. The staff is lovely and professional, always helpful if I look for advice or information. I am picky with food and put a lot of attention to give healthy balanced diet to my children and where most of the nurseries had sausage and mash, lasagne, macaroni cheese etc the nursery instead offers a great menu, plenty of vegetables and fresh ingredients all cooked at the place, without shortcuts. The only downside, in my opinion, is a garden space, I think they need to improve on outdoor facilities plus offer more days out trips for children. But I know it’s the work in progress already. ” Katarzyna L (Mother of Child)